Global virus deaths hit 150,000

Global virus deaths hit 150,000


Washington: The number of global coronavirus deaths exceeded 150,000 on Friday, and US President Donald Trump accused China of continuing to cover up its deaths, even if Beijing sharply raised Wuhan, the origin of the global influenza pandemic.

The number of deaths in COVID-19 has continued to increase in the United States and Western European countries that have been severely affected, but the latest data on infections and deaths in Africa show that the virus has not been affected in the process of global travel.

More than half of humans (4.5 billion people) are confined to their homes, and there is evidence that social isolation has successfully slowed the pandemic.

But widespread nervousness remained over when and how to ease widespread confinement measures to revive the world economy, battered by what the International Monetary Fund has dubbed the “Great Lockdown”.

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