Global coronavirus cases cross 14 million mark

Global coronavirus cases cross 14 million mark


Washington: According to reports from Global Trackers on Friday, more than 14 million people worldwide have been infected by the new coronavirus and more than 590,000 people have died.

Since the first case was detected in China in December 2019, more than 210 countries and regions have reported infections.

As of July 17, the number of recovered exceeded 8.3 million.

The situation of severely affected countries mitigating the effects of the blockade while making large-scale changes in work and social life continues to increase. This situation may last for a year or more until vaccines are available.

Infections in some countries are recovering, causing the authorities to partially restore the blockade. Experts say this situation may reappear in the coming months and 2021.

The UAE’s strong strategy to combat Covid-19 has achieved gratifying results, as the harvest has increased significantly in recent weeks, new cases have continued to decline, and the country recorded no deaths for two days this week.

EU leaders held a face-to-face meeting on Friday to try to save the European economy from the disaster of the coronavirus pandemic, as India has become the third country to record a million cases and merged with Brazil and the United States.

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