Gas leak triggered blast in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal: BDS report

Gas leak triggered blast in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal: BDS report


Karachi: The Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) said in a report that this morning, a large-scale explosion occurred in the Gulshan-Iqbal area of Karachi, killing five people and injuring a dozen others. It was caused by a gas leak.

BDS cited information from the preliminary investigation that it could not find any evidence from the scene that the explosion was caused by explosive materials.

The incident occurred in a building near Gulshan Iqbal on Abul Hassan Asfahani Road, causing part of the four-story building to collapse. According to witnesses, a loud explosion shook the area in the morning, and the impact of the explosion shattered the windowpanes of nearby buildings.

Two floors and two shops in part of the building have been demolished.

Of the 20 injured people, 7 to 8 are said to be in a dangerous state. A traffic police officer on duty at the roadside also said that he was seriously injured in the explosion.

According to reports, 15 people were injured in the incident, three bodies have been transferred to a nearby private hospital, three wounded were transferred to Abbas Shahid Hospital, and one person was transferred to Jinnah Hospital.

The explosion also damaged three cars and six motorcycles.

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