French team arrives in Karachi to probe PIA plane crash

French team arrives in Karachi to probe PIA plane crash


Karachi: A team of 11 French experts arrived in the southern port city to investigate the crash of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). The team will also provide technical assistance to the local investigation team.

According to media reports, the team will go to the model colony where the plane crashed and the runway at Karachi Airport to find evidence to help identify the cause of the crash of the PIA PK-8303 aircraft, which crashed a few minutes before landing at Karachi Airport. The team will also ship the crashed black box and other necessary equipment to France.

Due to the arrival of the Airbus team, objects transferred from the scene of the incident have been stopped.

It is worth noting that when the PIA flight from Lahore to Karachi crashed in a model colony in the Maril area near Karachi Jenna International Airport, 97 people were killed and two passengers were spared.

Of the 97 people killed in the incident, the bodies of 41 people have been identified and handed over to the heirs, and the process of identifying the bodies through DNA testing is in progress.

A seven-member investigation team from PIA also visited the scene of the plane crash and began investigating the incident.
The team equipped with modern equipment also inspected the damaged building.

At the same time, Murdaza Wahab, a spokesman for the Sindh government, said that the unfortunate PIA PK-8303 survivor Mohammed Zubair had been discharged from the hospital.

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