France reports drop in coronavirus deaths, toll tops 27,000

France reports drop in coronavirus deaths, toll tops 27,000


Paris: France reported on Wednesday that in the past 24 hours, the number of deaths from coronavirus has declined compared with the previous few days, and its overall death toll exceeded 27,000.

The Ministry of Health said the new death toll brought the total number of deaths in French hospitals and nursing homes to 27,074.

However, the Ministry of Health also admitted that there was a counting error that had reduced the toll for nursing homes by 15 people from the previous day, adding that the toll had not been collected from the nursing homes on Wednesday.

It said that 98 people had died in the hospital in the past 24 hours.

According to the official charges of the Ministry of Health, this means that 83 people have died in the past 24 hours, compared with 348 the previous day.

The recent positive trend continues, with 114 patients reduced to intensive care patients, a total of 2,428, and more than 7,000 at the peak of the crisis.

There are still 21,071 coronavirus patients in the hospital, a net decrease of 524 compared with the previous day.

When the latest data was released, France on Wednesday enjoyed the third day of a partial blockade imposed on the country on March 17 to alleviate the virus.

During a meeting with regional leaders, President Macron emphasized that France is faced with a tricky balancing act, which is to seek to initiate economic activities while preventing a surge of new virus cases.

“This partial reopening of the economy while still trying to keep the epidemic under control is unprecedented,” he said.

“That s the collective challenge we re facing.”

Adding that the measures could be tightened again if needed, he added: “It is too early to declare victory.”

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