FO rubbishes India’s ‘irresponsible’ remarks over Pakistani leadership

FO rubbishes India’s ‘irresponsible’ remarks over Pakistani leadership


Islamabad rejected Tuesday ’s comments from the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Pakistani leaders ’rights regarding Indian minorities, calling New Delhi ’s statement“ irresponsible ”and“ completely unfounded ”.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, the above remarks reflect India’s long-term denial of the rights of ethnic minorities, especially Indian Muslims.

“The treatment of minorities in India is a matter of serious concern not only for Indian minorities and neighbouring countries, but also for the international community,” the statement added.

Calling it ‘disconcerting’ that New Delhi’s anti-Muslim policies persist even in these difficult times, the communiqué highlighted systematic campaigns in India to demonise Muslims, who face further exclusion as well as threats of mob violence.

The spokesperson advised India to take effective steps to protect the fundamental rights of minorities, especially Muslims, in the country.

The spokesperson responded to the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ’response to Prime Minister Imran Khan ’s concerns about the situation of Muslims in neighboring countries.

Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted on Sunday that the Modi regime deliberately and violently targeted Indian Muslims in order to divert strong opposition to the coronavirus policy.

Later, the Indian foreign ministry spokesperson had responded saying that the “bizarre” comments by the Pakistani leadership are an attempt to shift focus from the abysmal handling of their internal affairs, reported India Today

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