fifth grade girl raped in Mian Channu

fifth grade girl raped in Mian Channu


MIAN CHANNU: In a shocking incident, a fifth-grade girl was allegedly raped by her cousin at Mian Channu’s gun on Tuesday.

According to the details, her cousin Usman entered her house when her parents were away, and he induced the girl to go to an abandoned house where he sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

Usman managed to escape the scene, leaving the girl in a critical condition. Upon hearing the screams of passers-by, some passers-by arrived there and transferred the girl to the hospital.

After receiving the notice, the police rushed to the scene and investigated the incident. A policeman said that a case had been registered in this regard, adding that they were searching for the defendant as a surprise.

Earlier on September 21, a 3-year-old girl was sexually assaulted after she was kidnapped in the Bakhwal area of ​​Mansehra.

According to detailed information, an unidentified man kidnapped the underage girl while she was playing outside the house. According to reports, the suspect took the minor to a nearby field and subjected her to sexual abuse. After torturing the underage girl, the suspect threw her into the street and escaped.

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