Federal govt in contact with Sindh govt to ensure speedy rescue operation: Shibli Faraz

Federal govt in contact with Sindh govt to ensure speedy rescue operation: Shibli Faraz


Islamabad: The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz said on Saturday that the federal government is keeping in touch with the Sindh provincial government to ensure that all efforts are made to carry out rapid rescue operations.

He said that the government is fully concerned about the rescue work in the crash.

Before Eid, at this sad moment, all prayers of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government were accompanied by passengers, crew members and families of the victims. This is a very sad and tragic event.

He informed Prime Minister Imran Khan that he also kept in touch with the Sindh Provincial Government and Civil Aviation Authority and provided the necessary instructions in this regard.

An information desk has been established to keep in touch with the families of passengers on the plane and provide them with the required information.

He further stated that the current government is also taking specific measures to facilitate the marginalized class in society after the COVID -19 pandemic.

He further stated that Prime Minister Imran Khan instructed to relax the blockade only to facilitate the oppressed and resource-poor people in the country.

Now it is the responsibility of the people to observe all preventive measures to ensure safety. “I call on people to properly follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) to curb the spread of the virus.”

He said that Pakistan is a developing country and cannot afford the burden of economic activities for a long time.

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