Facebook launches new app for gaming

Facebook launches new app for gaming


Facebook launched a stand-alone gaming application on Monday, allowing users to create and watch live games, which is a challenge to Amazon’s Twitch platform.

This new application will be launched on Android devices on Monday, and another version for Apple iOS is under development.

Facebook said the new application will enable users to watch “e-sports” or game competitions and participate in games with other online users.

Leading social networks say it accelerates the process of “encouraging meaningful community interaction” for people who have been blocked due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook said it showed strong interest in the new application, and its approximately 700 million users worldwide already play games or participate in game groups on its platform.

Since 2018, it has been testing the application in certain regions of the world.

The leading social network said in a statement on Twitter: “The Facebook game app is a focused experience focused on gaming. You can watch your favorite streamers, play instant games and join a gaming group.”

“All Facebook games are integrated in a simple, application-sized package.”

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