Extended registration deadline pulls more than 35,000 new Arizona voters

Extended registration deadline pulls more than 35,000 new Arizona voters


More than 35,000 Arizona residents applied to vote after the state voter registration deadline was extended by 10 days.

Republicans have more registrations than Democrats, and while progressive advocacy groups are seeking extensions, Republicans have argued for suspension of registration in court.

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Biden Raises Record $383 Million in September, Giving Him Financial Edge  Over Trump - The New York TimesAccording to the Secretary of State’s office, about 44% of new voters are not affiliated with a major political party.

Preliminary data shows that nearly 11,000 voters are registered as Republicans, nearly 8,300 as Democrats, and about 500 as Liberals. More than 15,400 voters registered without any affiliation to any party.

After two advocacy groups, the Arizona Alliance for Change and Mi Familia Vota, claimed the COVID-19 pandemic hindered voter registration, a federal judge extended the registration deadline beyond Oct. 5.

Judge Steven P. Logan’s decision sparked legal action that ultimately led to the 9th U.S. registration being terminated. Circuit Court of Appeals on October 15.

Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brunovic, Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and the Republican National Committee believe this sudden change has created a series of problems for election officials.

According to the Republic of Arizona, this number is not yet final, as election officials continue to process voter registration forms submitted on paper.

The propaganda organization said the number of newly registered voters proved their claims in a relatively short period of time.

With less than three weeks to go before election day, national polls show Democratic challenger Joe Biden has a narrow lead in the mostly red solar belt states.

The latest “Real Clear Politics” average increased the former vice president by 4%.

Arizona is also a state concerned that Democrats hope to restore a majority in the Senate by November. Some polls show that Democrat Mark Kelly leads Republican Senator Martha McSally by nearly 8 points.

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