'Expected growth of over 4pc despite challenges a huge achievement'

‘Expected growth of over 4pc despite challenges a huge achievement’


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that although Pakistan experienced the worst balance of payments crisis in history in 2018, the economic difficulties caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, high commodity prices in the global market and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan It has had a direct and indirect impact on Pakistan, and the growth rate is still expected to exceed 4%. This is a huge achievement.

When he presided over the Macroeconomic Advisory Group meeting in Islamabad, he stated that the government’s “smart blockade” policy and incentives for the construction industry, social protection programs and subsidies for industries and small and medium-sized enterprises have kept the economy growing steadily. He was praised by a global commentator. .

He said government’s three years are an economic success story as we inherited huge circular debt, anti- export policies, unsustainable fiscal conditions, less competitive business environment and policies of lack of incentive for the private sector.

Imran Khan directed the departments concerned to coordinate and implement the long term and short term plans for the further betterment of both macro-economic condition of the county and improvement in economic condition of the people.

The meeting was given a comprehensive overview of the overall economic situation of the country, the government’s steps to mitigate the effects of high commodity prices on common people and government’s achievements in the last three years.

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