NEPRA to hear power tariff hike plea on Wednesday

Electricity price likely to hike by Rs4.33


Islamabad: Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has filed an application on rising electricity prices by Rs4.33 pertaining to the fuel adjustments bills for the month of November.

According to reports, the National Electricity Regulatory Agency (NEPRA) will listen to the meeting on December 29.

As per details shared by CPPA, during the month of November electricity by using water 33.21 per cent, coal 16.26 percent, Francis oil 1.71 and local gas 12.89 per cent was generated.

Meanwhile 14.25 per cent of electricity was generated by LNG and 17.51 per cent by atomic fuel.

Earlier in November, NEPRA had fixed the reference fuel expenditure by Rs3.73 per unit and generated 8 billion and 24 hundred thousand units electricity. It is pertinent to mention here that the expenditure of electricity is 66 billion and 52 hundred thousand units electricity.

In addition, the electricity price related to the October adjustment bill has previously increased by Rs 4.74, and in the current increase, consumers will have to bear an additional cost of Rs 40 billion.

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