Six ‘RAW-linked’ terrorists arrested from Karachi

Six ‘RAW-linked’ terrorists arrested from Karachi


Karachi: District West’s Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Fida Hussain Janwari on Saturday said security forces had foiled a major terrorist plot in the city after they arrested six men connected to the Indian spy agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

According to Janwari, the suspects are funded, trained, and supported by RAW, which provides them with training, logistics, and financial support.

“We are going to share with you good news that we have arrested six terrorists of a Baloch nationalist party, Baloch Raaji Aajoi Sangar (BRAS), from Karachi,” Janwari told a press conference at his office on Saturday evening.

He added that the suspects had wanted to target key installations in the city.

Janwari added the police had recovered a bomb, explosive material and other weapons from the suspects. 

“This outlawed organisation is running its activities from Afghan soil and is also involved in attacking security forces in Balochistan,” he said, adding, “We arrested the culprits and they have admitted Indian spy agency RAW’s support for their organisation.”

The police officer added that the six people were Said Khan’s son Sher Khan, Dil Yang’s son Karim Buhsh, Ali Sher’s son Dilshad, and Moran Khan aliases. Moro, Durhan and Amir Buhsh. According to the “News” report, the police and intelligence agencies worked together to track down the perpetrators of the Pakistan Stock Exchange attack last month.

He added that RAW is planning a terrorist attack in Pakistan and the arrested suspects want to target security agencies and police personnel.

SSP Janwari said it has been discovered that foreign spy agencies, especially RAW in India, have participated in the country’s recent wave of terrorism. These foreign spy agencies have used nationalist parties to create turmoil and carry out terrorist activities while targeting sensitive facilities.

“Intelligence agencies, along with the police, have found evidence that the attackers who targeted the PSX were trained by RAW,” he said. 

He added: “It has also been confirmed that hostile intelligence agencies are also involved in planning terrorist activities to disrupt peace in Pakistan and undermine CPEC. They use terrorists from nationalist parties to attack intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies. And their installation.”

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