President apologizes to taxpayer over administrative injustice of FBR

Disruption of Christmas gatherings shows real face of fascist India: President


Islamabad: President Arif Alvi stated on Tuesday that the interruption of Christmas gatherings and the burning of the Santa Claus statue showed the true face of Fascist Hindu Hindus.

After the Christmas celebrations triggered protests, the President is commenting on a news report about the Narendra Modi government freezing the bank accounts of Mother Teresa (MoC) in West Bengal.

“The real face of fascist Hindutva India is emerging where Hindu vigilante groups disrupted Christmas mass in many parts of India & burnt a Santa Claus effigy chanting slogans against Xmas celebrations & religious conversions. World beware before it is too late,” the president tweeted.

Hindu vigilante groups disrupted Christmas mass in parts of India, including in Modi’s core territory ahead of local elections in the coming months, according to the media reports.

They accused the MoC of leading religious conversion programmes under the guise of charity by offering poor Hindus and tribal communities money, free education and shelter.

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