Death toll in Karachi building collapse rises to 22


Karachi: On Tuesday night, the death toll caused by the collapse of a building in Karachi rose to at least 22 people. Rescuers recovered three other bodies from the ruins of the building on Tuesday night.

The deceased has been transferred to Karachi Civic Hospital. The identity of the deceased is unclear. The rescue team and a large police force continued to carry out rescue operations.

On Sunday evening, a five-story residential building in the Lyari area of Karachi collapsed. Witnesses said that the building leaned to one side before it collapsed. The rescue team initially rescued 11 injured people and 1 body from the rubble.

A team of civil engineers from the Pakistani army also participated in the rescue operation. Sniffer dogs are also used to find dogs trapped under debris.

The Sindh Construction Control Bureau declared the building “dangerous and unstable” more than two months ago and owns more than 40 apartments. Although most families have evacuated the building, when the building collapsed, some people were still in the building. …

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