Daniel Pearl murder case: SC approves Sindh govt's appeals

Daniel Pearl murder case: SC approves Sindh govt’s appeals


Islamabad: The Supreme Court on Monday approved the Sindh provincial government’s appeal against the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

In the proceedings, the court also accepted Danial Pearl’s request to become a parent in this case.

Meanwhile, lawyer Farooq H. Naek told the court that suspect Ahmed Omer Sheikh has admitted to the crime over which, Justice Qazi Ameen asked to prove the confession through proper record.

The judge said that the verdict on the murder cannot be announced based on a fictitious story.

As we all know, on July 15, 2002, the Anti-Terrorism Court sentenced Ahmed Omer Sheikh to death and life imprisonment to Fahad for the charge of kidnapping Daniel Pearl as ransom and subsequently killing him. Nasim, Salman Saqib and Sheikh Adil.

Daniel Pearl served as Director of the South Asia Bureau of The Wall Street Journal.

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