COVID-19: PM Imran Khan urges public to stick to preventive measures on Eid

COVID-19: PM Imran Khan urges public to stick to preventive measures on Eid


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday urged the public to ensure observance of preventive and safety measures on the occasion of upcoming Eidul Fitr.

He visited his congressional adviser, Barbar Awang, at the prime minister’s office, saying that given the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the government is formulating future strategies to deal with any situation and help the public.

Prime Minister Khan praised the positive response from the international community and investors to Islamic bonds, which he said showed confidence in the government. He further stated that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is determined to strengthen and exploit state institutions, and the Parliamentary Affairs Department plays a crucial role in this.

Babar Awan proposed to the Prime Minister a plan to train young parliamentarians, saying the plan is to use his legislative capabilities to play an effective role in legislative activities.

Earlier, on May 19, the adviser had said the government has decided to convene a “marathon” session of the National Assembly. He in a statement said the NA session will be convened at 4 pm on June 5 and will continue until August 13. “This will be the longest session in Pakistan’s history,” he disclosed.

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