Coronavirus is 'under control' in Germany: Health minister

Coronavirus is ‘under control’ in Germany: Health minister


Berlin: Health Minister Jens Spahn said Friday that thanks to measures taken after a surge in cases, the German coronavirus pandemic has been “controlled.”

Spahn told reporters in Berlin that the measures to restrict people from returning home in mid-March have been successful because the country is preparing to relax measures and increase the production of protective masks.

“The number of infections has dropped significantly, especially the relative increase day by day. Today’s outbreak is under control again.”

Prime Minister Angela Merkel announced on Wednesday that it will open smaller stores starting next week, and from May 4th, some students will reopen.

However, other content of the wide-ranging restrictions will continue to be effective, including the prohibition of gathering more than two people in public and large public events.

On Thursday, data released by the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control (RKI) showed that the number of people with each disease carrier in Germany was less than that of another person-to-person infection rate dropped to 0.7.

Merkel said the figures justified the reason for the first relaxation of locks after two to three weeks, and warned that “the possibility of mistakes is small” and “caution should be a slogan, not overconfidence.”

When Germany was preparing to resume public life, Span said that from August, Germany would produce up to 50 million masks every week.

About 40 million will be surgical masks and 10 million will be FFP2 masks, which provide more protection.

But so far, Germany has not conquered neighboring Austria by requiring the public to wear masks in public places across the country, but has issued a “strong recommendation”.

Spahn defended the decision to postpone the request of the mask, saying that people have been “very responsible” so far.

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