Sindh cabinet meets to discuss local bodies law

CM Murad assures to act on SC’s ruling regarding authority of LG depts in Sindh


Karachi: Chief Minister of Sindh (CM) Murad Ali Shah on Tuesday has said that the provincial government will accept the ruling of Supreme Court (SC) regarding authority of local bodies departments.

Conversation with media, CM said if they find any unsuitable people to appeal, and notify the provincial authorities fully comply with the 140A.

He asked if all representatives should reach a family, and if local Members were granted the Prime Minister (PM), CM and Cabinet authorities.

CM Murad is further stated that the government supports Senate Act, Sani, from the Pakistan National Bank (SBP) amendment to the house.

Earlier, SC indicates that Duni Government established empowering local agencies in the province.

While announcing its judgment on a petition filed by the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P), Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Gulzar Ahmed remarked that local governments are formed under Article 140-A of the Constitution which binds provincial governments to set up autonomous local bodies departments.

The provincial government cannot launch any project that comes under the jurisdiction of the local government. Devising master plan and its execution is the responsibility of the LG institutions, the court remarked.

The court also canceled Article 74 and Article 75 of the Sindh Local Government Act, these bills and the Council are related to the functional transfer of the government and business plans.

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