China seeks to contain new coronavirus 'silent carriers' 1

China seeks to contain new coronavirus ‘silent carriers’


China took new measures on Wednesday to try to prevent the asymptomatic “silent carrier” of the new coronavirus from causing a second wave of infections, as the number of confirmed cases in the country reportedly rose again moderately.

The National Health Council said that mainland China reported 63 new infections on Wednesday, up from 62 a day ago. Among these travelers, 61 were from overseas, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in China to 81,865.

After China blocked several cities and imposed strict travel restrictions, although the number of new infections has fallen from its peak in February, the authorities are worried that people will get infected again, so they call for continued vigilance.

In addition to curbing the influx of infected travelers from abroad, another concern in China is managing asymptomatic people or virus carriers who do not have clinical symptoms such as fever or cough.

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