China on the right side of history over Ukraine war - foreign minister

China backs Iran nuclear deal, calls for new MidEast forum


Beijing: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated Beijing’s support for Tehran after meeting with Iran’s foreign minister and called for the establishment of a new forum to resolve tensions in the Middle East.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wang and Javid Zarif have also reiterated their commitment to Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers, which was a meeting held by the United States in Tengchong, southwestern China, on Saturday. Implied condemnation of the agreement on abandonment.

Due to the Yemen War, Iran’s influence in Iraq and Saudi support for Washington’s sanctions on Tehran, Iran maintains a disputed relationship with other major powers in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “China proposes to establish a regional multilateral dialogue platform with equal participation of all stakeholders.”

The statement said that the forum will “enhance mutual understanding through dialogue and explore political and diplomatic solutions to security issues in the Middle East.”

Wang added that the Iran nuclear agreement, which supported the Obama administration’s negotiations but was eventually abandoned by Donald Trump, will be a prerequisite for entering the forum.

Zarif said on Twitter that his “fruitful talk” with Wang was tantamount to rejecting “American unilateralism” and was also committed to developing strategic links and cooperation on the coronavirus vaccine.

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