Cannes film festival 2020 won't happen in original form, say organisers 1

Cannes film festival 2020 won’t happen in original form, say organisers


The organizers said in a statement that after the Corona Virus Crisis, the 2020 Cannes Film Festival cannot be held in “its original form”.

The festival management, in a statement, said: “It is clearly difficult to assume that the Festival de Cannes could be held this year in its original form.”

The festival has been postponed from the original mid-May to late June and early July.

But the organizers said that after President Emmanuel Macron stated that it would not be possible to resume the festival until the middle of July at the earliest, this was no longer an option.

The outbreak of the virus destroyed the splendid spring and summer cultural calendar in France, and the organizers last night cancelled the world ’s most prestigious Avignon Theater Festival, which was scheduled to begin in early July.

But so far, the Cannes Film Festival has refused to announce the total cancellation of this year’s music festival.

The festival will announce its lineup this week. Director Spike Lee was appointed head of the jury, the first person in black African tradition.

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