FM condemns conviction of Yasin Malik by Indian court on fabricated charges

Bilawal demands NA speaker to follow court’s orders, hold vote on no-trust move


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said in a speech at the National Assembly that the speaker himself is in contempt of court and repealing the constitution.

The Supreme Court’s five-member panel has ordered that no agenda items be brought up except for day-to-day business. On April 3, their ministers trapped the prime minister, president and deputy speaker within the confines of abolishing the constitution. Thanks to today’s efforts, the Speaker himself has been involved in these crimes.

Bilawal demanded of the Speaker to follow the court’s orders. The Speaker will himself be disqualified over the contempt of court. This is not the first time in Pakistan that a speaker’s ruling has been thrown by the court. In the past too, a Speaker sitting in the same chair had given a ruling which was then done away with through a suo-moto notice. The court has ordered for the process of April 3 to be completed and voting has to take place.

He said Kaptan is running and in doing so, is committing a contempt of court and abrogating the constitution. If the Speaker wants to be involved in these crimes, it is up to him. “I had warned the PM a long time ago, to be wary of the person who made a speech before me or else he would trap him. The same person has trapped him.”

‘Mr. Speaker, obey the court’s order and conduct voting’, he said.

He said if today’s agenda is not followed then they should know the opposition is not leaving either, the court is here and we are going to take our constitutional rights. They forced the Speaker to violate the Constitution and hold contempt of court through false letters. They don’t have the courage to listen.

The PPP chairman said the reality was that the majority was in the hands of the opposition and Imran had lost his majority. All foreign conspiracy theories are off the agenda. We can debate for 100 days, but there should be a vote.

“We had decided that when Imran is no longer the selected PM, there would be no objections between us,” he said, however, the Kaptan ran in a cowardly manner and is not here today too. He cannot even present his stance.

Bilawal asks why the foreign minister was not present in the meeting of the National Security Committee that he mentioned himself and why was there no mention of the no-confidence in the minutes of the NSC meeting? An ordinary decision of a demarche being given was made.

He said if a conspiracy was being hatched against Pakistan on March 7 or earlier, then their ‘honour’ should have emerged right then and there along with the proof of their patriotism. They should have asked their allies to not leave them and become a part of a conspiracy.

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has asserted that the Supreme Court has passed an order banning weeks Six objected to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s confidence motion, and anything against the order could not be discussed.

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