SC annuls amendments to NAB laws, restores all corruption cases in landmark verdict

Biggest plea bargain in NAB’s history worth over Rs1.29bn struck


Karachi/Lahore: The chairman approved the largest plea deal in the history of the National Accountability Court (NAB), valued at more than Rs 1.29 billion.

According to reports, Chief Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman of the National Bank, signed a plea bargaining petition. One of the suspects was accused of corruption within the Pakistan National Oil Company (PSO) and caused 23 billion rupees to the national treasury. For the loss, it has been agreed to return to the warehouse to pay Rs 1.290 crore.

Kamran Iftikhar Lari, a senior official of an oil and gas company, demanded 23 billion rupees for corruption in the PSO and demanded the return of more than 1.29 billion rupees.

National Bank informed the court about the application for plea bargaining, saying that Larry hoped to return the above-mentioned money and will pay in three installments.

The defendant was an employee of a private company that had signed a sale agreement with PSO. Allegedly, the suspect’s collusion caused more than 23 billion rupees in losses to the national finances.

The chairman of the National Bank also signed the defendant’s plea bargain and forwarded the case to the court.

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