Biden, Trump duel in battleground states 21 days from election

Biden, Trump duel in battleground states 21 days from election


Johnston: President Donald Trump said in a crowd in Pennsylvania on Tuesday that he was fighting “Marxists” and “lunatics,” and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden was in another important The electoral state, Florida, accused him of treating Americans as “consumables” during the Covid-19 pandemic. .

With only 21 days before the November 3 general election and poor performance in the polls, Trump trumpeted Democrats and insulted Biden’s mental state in his armory.

He said Biden was “choking like a dog” during their televised debate, called him mentally “shot,” and claimed the Democratic frontrunner was the pawn of communists.

“He is handing control to the socialists and Marxists and left-wing extremists,” Trump told the large, raucous crowd in Johnstown. “He can’t stand up to the lunatics running his party.”

Going even further on his long-running narrative that 77-year-old Biden is too frail for the presidency, Trump, 74, tweeted a crudely faked picture purporting to show Biden in a wheelchair, surrounded by elderly wheelchair-bound people in a room.

“Biden for president,” the caption said, with “p” struck out to change the word to “resident.”

Given that the president’s apparently growing problem in maintaining the loyalty of the elderly, an important electoral force, is somewhat surprising in mocking the frail elderly.

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