Biden touts US as democracy champion, China scoffs

Biden touts US as democracy champion, China scoffs


Washington: Joe Biden president said Friday, democracy “ignorant”, because he closed the two-day summit of democratic freedom when he criticized the criticism of China and domestic critics.

The Chairman of Biden focused on restoring the United States to Ronalrigan like to be called “shiny cities on the mountain” or other countries respectfully affirmative.

But the Washington summit, held by video link because of Covid-19, underlined difficulties facing the United States in resurrecting that traditional role.

In closing comments to leaders from scores of countries, as well as representatives of NGOs and philanthropical bodies, Biden said democracy “knows no borders. It speaks every language. It lives in anti-corruption activists, human rights defenders, journalists.”

“We re committed to working with all those who share those values to shape the rules of the road,” Biden vowed, saying the United States will stand by those “who give their people the ability to breathe free and not seek to suffocate their people with an iron hand.”

Biden has spoken repeatedly about the world reaching an “inflection point” in a struggle between growing autocracies and increasingly under-fire democracies.

On the first day of the virtual summit, he promised $ 424 million to support media freedom, fair election and anti-corruption.

“Democracy needs a championship,” said.

However, as Biden held the top of the mountain on the TV screen of the White House, the competitor China is laughing and laughing, including the British to sing songs, saying that Americans are selling democracy like they sell coconuts. “

China and Russia, Biden describe the highest leaders of the homemade camp, the highest model of the invitation to the Washington Summit.

The two countries responded to the shocking cold war style and discrimination.

China is particularly frustrated because it is not invited, Taiwan is.

As a democratically-run island that China considers a breakaway region, Taiwan is an increasingly sore spot in the wider battle between Beijing and Washington.

Beijing got a boost right in the middle of Biden s summit when Nicaragua dropped its previous diplomatic alliance with Taiwan, saying it only recognized China.

The announcement leaves Taiwan with only 14 diplomatic allies, just as the US State Department is calling on “all countries that value democratic institutions” to “expand engagement” with the island.

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