'Avatar' sequel resumes filming in coronavirus-free New Zealand

‘Avatar’ sequel resumes filming in coronavirus-free New Zealand


Wellington: The film’s producer told the media that the sequel of James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster “Avatar” will bring hundreds of jobs and millions to New Zealand after the end of the coronavirus outbreak US dollars.

The film’s crew, including director Cameron and producer Jon Landau, received special permission to fly to New Zealand two weeks ago, although its border has been closed to stop the coronavirus, triggering Some complaints about unfair treatment.

But Landau said that New Zealand has a lot to gain.

Landau has isolated him and his colleagues since he arrived at a hotel in Wellington. He said: “On this production alone, 400 New Zealanders will be employed.”

He said: “In the next five months alone, we will spend more than $70 million here.”
Shortly before New Zealand entered the strict corona virus blockade, the film was suspended in March.

The blockade suffocated the epidemic. Last week, New Zealand declared virus-free, which was one of the earliest normal conditions before the pandemic in the world, and it lifted all restrictions on border control.

Cameron, Landau and dozens of staff engaged in the sequel to “Avatar” were allowed from an economic perspective, critics said it was unfair because the family was still separated and the company lacked key employees Struggling hard.

This film is one of the few films released in New Zealand, hoping to win more film business after successfully fighting the coronavirus.

Landau said: “The opportunity is huge.”

“We are just a wedge at the door, which is expected to bring many benefits to the economy.”

New Zealand’s mountains, grasslands and forests are famous for the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, which has attracted more and more large-scale film works in recent years.

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