Asia stocks edge up as investors eye Fed rate decision

Asian markets rise as traders buoyed by another Wall St rally


Hong Kong: Asian market rose on Tuesday, another powerful leading power rebounded in technology companies on Tuesday, and the federal reserve officials commented to temporarily break through the policy tightening phase.

US stock market held a lot of support in the Explosive Profit Report of Apple last week, and the current report season has proven to be effective, despite the withdrawal of inflation and central bank withdraw financial support.

When Wol Street has ended at the end of the volatile moon, the plan of the Fed is characterized by guessing the federal reserves to grasp the guess of the out of control, and it is worried that its new Hawkeland tilt may see six times this year, there are 50 basis points in 3 Moon moving.

Some of the comments on the weekend have increased their expectations, and the policy committee will work hard, although some Monday, but on Monday tried to fall off such a move.

Atlanta AIDS Boss Rafael Port said that such a big hiking next month, he told the Financial Times on weekends, and his colleagues did not exclude it.

At the same time, Mr. Kansas City, Chairman Esher George, said it is in “no doubt, trying to make economic disturbance accidents”, and the person in charge of San Francisco Armed Forces Mary Dali added “must be gradual rather than destructive of”.

Nasdaq soared more than three percentage points, and the reduction in January lost to nine percentage points, which decreased by nearly 15% this month, and Standard & Poor’s 500 index also pulverized health benefits.

Active energy continues in Asia, Tokyo, Sydney and Wellington all.

However, due to China’s New Year’s rest, in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei, Manila and Jakarta, the business is very thin.

There is also hope that the rebound may indicate the market after the recent sale.

“Returning to the US stock has been thought about whether the trough is passed,” said the National Australian Bank of Tatarpasterkland.

“Although it comes to higher rates, the yields so far are much better than expected. Whether we have passed a trough, but it is definitely a residence.”

Solita Marcelli, Solitas, Global Wealth Management, said in comments: “Investors should not ignore the economic still strong facts, which should limit the current level.”

Traders are now waiting for policy decisions such as England Bank this week, and the US work creates data until Friday, given inflation and interest expectations, according to the world’s top economic display.

Oil prices have extended the recent rebound, greeted optimism and Russia – Ukraine’s turnover, and incitement may be concerned about possible hitting. Analysts added that OPEC and other major producers decided not to exceed the current level of promotion production.

“A good month and $ 100 in January … may not be too far, because of the expectation, because OPEC + will provide gradual production to increase the goal, so the supply will not be close to catch up, so They will arrive at the lack of goals, “Auda’s Edwa Mia said.

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