As countries begin reopening, US virus expert warns of dangers

As countries begin reopening, US virus expert warns of dangers


Washington: France began to reopen schools on Tuesday, and Russia and India began to resume work because the highest infectious disease experts in the United States warned that relaxing the corona virus blockade too quickly may have serious consequences.

The harsh remarks of government immunologist Anthony Fauci are worrying that even a cautious withdrawal from an unprecedented global economic shutdown may trigger another outbreak of the disease, which, according to AFP, has killed More than 290,000 people have died worldwide.

In France, elementary schools and nurseries were reopened, teachers wore masks, and children ’s chairs were placed separately to avoid spreading the virus.

The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer welcomed the school’s reopening, which will be gradually promoted nationwide and includes the Paris school on Thursday.

Although the number of infections has surged to more than 232,000, Russia has begun to relax the blockade rules-now the second largest confirmed case after the United States.

After reporting more than 10,000 infections per day a week, Russia reached a terrible landmark on Tuesday. Confirmation of President Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov (Dmitry Peskov) was positive for the virus, thus confirming this result.

The press secretary of US Vice President Mike Pence tested positive last week, and the White House said on Tuesday that Pence had decided to keep “distance” from President Donald Trump for a few days.

In his testimony to members of the United States Congress, Fossi admitted that in the United States, the actual number of people killed by the epidemic may be higher than the official record of more than 82,000 deaths, which is the highest number in the world.

Although Trump clearly hopes to restart the economy before the November elections, Fossi warned that a 14-day reduction in cases is an important first step in safely exiting the blockade.

Forsy said: “If a community, a state or region does not follow these guidelines and reopens … the consequences will be very serious.”

He added: “There is a real risk that may cause an outbreak that you cannot control,” he warned that this will not only cause casualties, but will also return you to the road to economic recovery. “

On Tuesday, the United States recorded 1,894 coronavirus deaths within 24 hours.

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