‘Army will ask to roll back COAS extension law’

‘Army will ask to roll back COAS extension law’


Former Prime Minister and Pakistan Muslim League – N senior vice president Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that the Pakistan Army will itself ask to reverse the army chief’s extension law as it “creates ambiguity for the institution.”

“It is the government’s prerogative to extend the army chief’s tenure. The government gave the extension and the army accepted it. After this, the institution shouldn’t have been embarrassed.”

But the issue went to the Supreme Court. There were precedents of extension in the past, yet the court asked Parliament to ratify it.

“The Parliament endorsed the extension but the mistake was the amendment in the law. It was not right and you will see that it will be reversed.”

Asked if his party would repeal the law if it formed a government, he said not only the PMLN but also the army would demand it be repealed as it would create ambiguity that would be detrimental to the army.

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