APS attack case: Govt given four weeks to submit reply

APS attack case: Govt given four weeks to submit reply


Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed has given the federal government four weeks to submit its reply on the inquiry report on the APS Peshawar Attack case.

On December 16, 2014, a military school in Peshawar was attacked. More than 140 children and school staff were shot dead.

After the investigation committee submitted its report to the court, the two-person president of the Supreme Court, composed of Justices Gulza Ahmed and Justice Ijazul Ahsan, automatically notified the case .

The hearing began with the parents of the marital child, and asked the court to speed up the investigation. Judge Ahmed expressed regret over the delay and assured the parents that justice would be served.

The parents also requested that the investigation report of the attack be made public. They said that the terrorists who participated in the attack have been punished, but their facilitators should also be punished.

At this point, Justice Ahsan comforted his parents and assured them that justice would be distributed to them.

In this case, after seeking legal advice from the government, the Attorney General was personally summoned at the next hearing. The judge announced that only after receiving a reply from the Minister of Justice, the proceedings in the case will continue. Therefore, the next hearing was postponed for four weeks.

In July, the judicial committee that formed the investigation into the attack submitted a 3,000-page investigation report to the court. It is composed of 101 witnesses and 31 police and other officials of law enforcement agencies. The report was prepared by Justice Mohamed Ibrahim Khan of the Peshawar High Court.

In October 2018, the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Saqib Nisar (Saqib Nisar) established a single committee headed by Justice Khan. The committee was formed after the parents of the child asked the authorities to establish a high-level investigation committee to investigate the massacre.

Pakistan hanged four men in December 2015 because of their involvement in the attack on this army school. They were convicted by a military court and their death sentence was confirmed by the then chief of the army.

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