Apple says 'no evidence' iPhone mail flaw used against customers

Apple says ‘no evidence’ iPhone mail flaw used against customers


Apple said on Thursday that it had not found “evidence that” the iPhone and iPad email applications had vulnerabilities for customers, and it believed that the vulnerabilities “will not pose a direct risk to our users.”

San Francisco-based cybersecurity company ZecOps detailed a vulnerability on Wednesday that could make more than one billion iPhones vulnerable to hackers.

ZecOps CEO Zuk Avraham told Reuters he found evidence that the vulnerability was exploited in at least six cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Avraham said he found evidence that the attacker had exploited the vulnerability as early as January 2018, but he could not determine who the hacker was.

Reuters could not independently confirm his claim.

Apple on Wednesday acknowledged the vulnerability in the software used for email on the iPhone and iPad, known as the mail application, and said that the company has developed a fix that will be introduced in an upcoming update that will update The program has been sold to millions of devices sold worldwide.

On Thursday, Apple’s evidence against Avraham showed that the hacker had been used to attack users.

Apple said in a statement: “We have conducted a thorough investigation of the researcher’s report and concluded based on the information provided that these issues will not pose a direct risk to our users.” “Researchers have found in Mail Three issues, but they alone are not sufficient to bypass the security protection of iPhone and iPad. We have not found evidence to prove that they are aimed at customers. “

In response to Apple ’s statement, ZecOps said it found evidence of hacking attacks against “some organizations” and that once Apple releases software updates to the public, it will share other technical information.

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