Apple earns $3,000 per second

Apple earns $3,000 per second


300 billion dollars in net profit from 1,350 billion dollars in revenue. These are the stratospheric results of (the companies formerly known as) GAFAM over the past year (twelve months ended September 30, 2021).

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the vigorous development of the digital economy has greatly benefited from the sound financial status of US technology giants. Compared with the previous 12 months, their profits have exploded: Microsoft +43%, Amazon +51%, Meta (Facebook) +59%, Apple +65% and Alphabet +98%.

Far from our more rooted reality, the huge amount of money these companies generate is hard for you to understand. In order to understand their economic strength, we break down their profits into shorter time scales. How much money does the tech giant make every second?

According to Apple’s net profit from October 2020 to September 2021, Apple earned an astonishing $3,000 per second during this period. This performance should allow it to maintain its position as the most profitable company in the world this year.

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