'Puppet being used to defame Pakistan globally,' Sanaullah slams Imran for hiring UK lawyer

Anyone tried to take law into hands will be dealt with an iron hand: Rana Sanaullah


Faisalabad: Home Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Monday that the martyrs of the Pakistani army are a symbol of respect and dignity, and the entire country salutes their unprecedented sacrifice.

He is here speaking to media personalities after offering condolences to the brother of Brigadier General Mohammad Khalid, who lost his life while serving flood victims in Balochistan. He said his troubles Faisal revealed that Brigadier General Mohammad Khalid wished to be martyred and Allah Almighty granted his wish.

Appreciating the role of the White Army in war and peace, the minister said that during the national disaster, the army stood with the masses to provide them with much-needed relief. He added that it was because of their sacrifice that the country had an innate love for the White Army.

He said that the families of the martyrs are very respectful, and if there are problems with the families of the martyrs, he is happy to serve them.

Responding to a question about the negative propaganda of the martyrs, he said that every patriotic Pakistani loves the Pakistani army, but has launched a smear social media campaign with ulterior motives to divide the country. He added that this is an entrenched conspiracy that could send the country into a major setback if remedial action is not taken immediately. He said that it was because of the sacrifices of the martyrs that these slanderers of the Pakistani army were exposed and every Pakistani condemned their actions.

He said Imran Khan had become a foreign agent because the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) decision made it clear that he had been receiving dollars from foreign and hostile countries.

In response to a question, the minister said that Fawad Chaudhry had made a statement in his favour and now he is meeting the demands of the PTI leaders by bringing the charges.

He said that federation and provinces were part of a system. “We acknowledge rights of the provinces and the provinces should also respond in the same spirit,” he added.

He said that Imran Khan had said that he would hold a protest demonstration in Islamabad on August 13 in which he would give government a one-month ultimatum to announce for the general election. The minister said that Imran Khan should first remove the Chief Election Commissioner upon whom he had expressed ‘no trust’. When new election commissioner would come, then he should demand for fresh election, Sanaullah added.

He said peaceful protestation was the right of every political party and they were allowed to hold public gathering but if anybody tried to take law into hands, he would be dealt with an iron hand.

Responding to a question, he said the FIA was conducting two inquiries. One was regarding negative social media campaign against the martyrs. “We have included civil and military officials in this inquiry team,” he said and added that the second one was relating to the decision of Election Commission of Pakistan on foreign funding case.

To a question, Rana Sanaullah said that TLP intended to observe sit-in at Faizabad Chowk which could not be allowed. However, they could hold peaceful protestation in Liaqat Bagh, H-9 or Play Ground which had been allowed by Islamabad High Court for this purpose. However, the protestation should be under certain conditions and in case of violation an action would be taken against the responsible, he added.

He clarified that no one would be allowed to close down the busy crossings which might cause problems for the general public.

Regarding Tosha Khana, the minister said that Imran Khan had stolen many things from the Tosha Khana. He deposited 20 % amount and sold out the same items in the open market at high rate which also brought diplomatic humiliation for the country. He said that the profit earned from this deal was not reflected in the assets of Imran Khan.

Earlier, the minister also visited the residence of martyred Brigadier Muhammad Khalid and condoled with his brother Muhammad Faisal and other family members. He also prayed rest for the departed soul and patience for the bereaved family.

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