Govt committed to provide favorable atmosphere to investors: Swati

Allegations against CEC: Azam Swati appears before ECP


Islamabad: Railway Minister Azam Swati appeared before the Pakistan Election Commission on Thursday in response to his charges against the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).

During the trial, Azam Swati’s lawyers told the committee that they had not received a second notice and asked ECP to notify them again so that they could respond.

Azam Swati’s lawyer also urged the committee not to prosecute him and asked him to submit a response to the notice of the reason for the performance at the next hearing.

Later, Railway Minister Azam Khan Swati said in a conversation with the media that the parliament has the responsibility to carry out electoral reforms to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in the country.

He pledged to strengthen and authorize the Pakistan Electoral Commission to enable it to perform its duties fully. He said election reform is important to get rid of allegations of manipulation. He added that the 2023 general election will be conducted in an excellent manner.

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