All tourist in Murree rescued: Chairman NDMA

All tourist in Murree rescued: Chairman NDMA


MURREE: Chairman of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lt. General Akhtar Nawaz on Sunday announced that all tourists trapped in the hill station have been rescued.

The chairman said that all tourists have been moved to a safe place and 371 have been moved to the barracks.

He further stated that an operation is currently underway to clear Kaldana to Barian Road, where 77 cars are still trapped; however, there is no one in the car because they left the car to seek asylum elsewhere.

Lt. General Akhtar said that tourists are being facilitated and food and medicines have been given to them.

It merits mention that at least 23 people have lost their lives while being trapped in their vehicles after snowstorm in Murree and other northern areas of the country.

Resuce 1122 service has released the details of the people who have lost their lives trapped in their cars.

Pakistani soldiers assisted the civil affairs department in carrying out rescue activities to rescue stranded tourists. b

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