Taliban seek ties with US, other ex-foes

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Islamabad: According to officials from both sides, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Amir Khan Muthaki, will arrive in Pakistan for the first time today (Wednesday). This is since the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan and will hold talks with the Pakistani Foreign Minister on a wide range of issues.

The Taliban government delegation is here at the invitation of Foreign Minister Qureshi. The Afghan delegation will also attend the two-day “Troika +” meeting on the situation in Afghanistan.

A spokesperson for the Kabul Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that a high-level delegation led by Mutaki will travel to Pakistan on November 10.

“The delegation will discuss strengthening ties, economy, transit, refugees, and expanding mobility facilities, and will include ministers and working groups from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Trade,” Barki wrote on Twitter.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan told reporters in the capital Islamabad that Mutaki will discuss a series of issues with Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi, including bilateral relations, visas for Afghan nationals and cross-border movement.

Previously, Pakistan specially invited Mutaki to attend the “Troika+” meeting scheduled to be held in Islamabad on November 11, including Ambassador Mohamed Sadik, Special Representative of Pakistan to Afghanistan, Special Representative of the US State Department, and Deputy Assistant to Afghanistan Affairs Secretary of State. Thomas West, Russia’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, and China’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Yue Xiaoyong.

The last meeting was held in Moscow on October 19, but the United States did not attend.

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